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Latest news:

Latest News

CDC Victoria, a subsidiary of ComfortDelGro, will continue to operate its existing metropolitan bus networks in Melbourne after signing new ten-year contracts with Public Transport Victoria.

The new Melbourne bus contracts have a strong focus on improving services and putting passengers first. The contracts also emphasise on-time running and customer service to provide passengers with a professional and reliable service. We look forward to work closely with the government to deliver better bus services in the communities that we serve.

The new bus contracts will commence on 1 July 2018 and, subject to meeting performance targets, will run for 10 years.

CDC Victoria began providing bus services in 2009 to passengers in the inner-east and western suburbs of Melbourne, as well as to the people of the Greater Cities of Ballarat and Geelong.

For more information, please view our media release below

Media ReleaseView - Download

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Are you heading to the Annual Ballarat Begonia Festival?

Park your car at Victoria Park (access via Gillies St) and take our FREE Shuttle buses to the Festival site.

Shuttles will run on a continuous loop from Victoria Park to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens from 9:30am to 5:30pm daily.

The Ballarat Begonia Festival runs from 10am to 5pm from 10th to 12th March 2018

As part of the Huntingdale Station Precinct Upgrade, a new bus interchange is being built to give passengers safer transfers.

From 18 February, bus routes 601, 630 (to Monash) and 900 will stop in the new interchange and timetables will be revised accordingly. Route 630 will continue to stop on North Road/Haughton Road when travelling to Elwood.

Route 900 will also be upgraded to a 10 minute frequency in peak periods.

Route 601 will have more evening services on university days, with buses every eight minutes from around 7:15pm to 9:40pm. On non-university days, it will be upgraded to an eight minute frequency all day.

For full details call 1800 800 007 or see:

Please note that Route 606 will be affected by the Midsumma March on Sunday, 28 March 2018

Inbound services from Bay Street, Port Melbourne will be affected from 1.30pm to 6.30pm only.

  • The inbound services will need to terminate at Park Street & Mary Street, St. Kilda.
  • Inbound buses will resume to the normal route from 6.30pm.

Outbound services from Elsternwick will be affected from 2pm to 6.30pm.

  • The outbound services will depart from Park Street & Mary Street.
  • Outbound buses will resume to the normal route from 6.30pm.

Friday 26th January 2018 5am to 6pm

Diversion will affect Route no. 605 on Australia Day, Friday, 26 Jan 2018 from 5am to 6pm.

The following roads will be used for the 605 route travelling into the City and returning towards Gardenvale.

Route 605 City bound

  • Buses will travel along Alexander Ave (Please note: Buses will not be turning left at Anderson St)
  • Travel beneath Art Centre Bridge
  • Merge onto City Road
  • Then resume normal 605 route service

Route 605 Gardenvale bound

  • Buses will Divert Right along City Rd (Buses will not be turning Right onto Southbank Blvd)
  • Travel beneath Art Centre Bridge
  • Merge onto Alexander Ave
  • Then resume normal 605 route service

For further information please visit the below website


Effective 1st January 2018

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has today announced the annual fare adjustment for 2018.

From 1 January 2018, most public transport fares will rise by 4.7 per cent. This comprises an increase of 2.2 per cent (CPI - Consumer Price Index), plus 2.5 per cent announced in the December 2013 Budget update.

The adjustment will keep fares in line with CPI and contributes to the ongoing operation of the trains, trams and buses on our public transport network.

For regional Victorians, the cost of getting around town will remain unchanged, with the State Government capping the cost of a trip within the same zone at $2.40 for the third consecutive year.

PTV is also introducing a number of changes to concessions.

Free off-peak travel for Primary School groups

From 1 January, Victorian Primary School groups can apply for free travel between 9.30am and 3.30pm on metropolitan and regional services. This will make educational outings simpler and cheaper for schools and parents. Up to four accompanying adults can also travel for free with each group.

Free travel at weekends for caregivers

Access to free travel on Victoria’s train, tram and bus services for Department of Health & Human Services Carer Card holders ('We Care' card) will be extended to include Saturdays. This gives Victorian Carer Card holders the same weekend travel benefits as Disability Support Pensioners, Victorian Seniors Card holders, Disability Support Pensioners and Carer Payment recipients.

Zone 1+2 customers will pay $8.60 for a daily fare, a saving of $3.52 compared to the same fare in 2014, and $6.80 less than the current $15.40 daily fare in Sydney.

In addition, public transport will be free across Victoria on Christmas Day and after 6pm on New Year’s Eve to help people celebrate with family and friends.

For more information, see Concession.

Zone 1, 2 and 1+2 fares overview:

myki Money

2018 2 hour Daily
Full fare Concession Full fare Concession
Zone 1 $4.30 $2.15 $8.60 $4.30
Zone 2 $2.94 $1.47 $5.88 $2.94
Zone 1+2 $4.30 $2.15 $8.60 $4.30

myki Pass

2018 7-day myki Pass 28-325 day myki Pass (price per day) 325+ day myki Pass (yearly)
Full Fare Concession Full Fare Concession Full Fare Concession
Zone 1 - - - - - -
Zone 2 $29.40 $14.70 $3.52 $1.76 $1,144.00 $572.00
Zone 1+2 $43.00 $21.50 $5.18 $2.59 $1,683.50 $841.75

Regional fares overview:

myki Money

2018 myki / V/Line Single PEAK myki / V/Line Single OFF-PEAK
Full Fare Concession Full Fare Concession
Geelong $13.20 $6.60 $9.24 $4.62
Ballarat $21.60 $10.80 $15.12 $7.56
Bendigo $32.60 $16.30 $22.82 $11.41
Seymour $17.40 $8.70 $12.18 $6.09
Traralgon $30.60 $15.30 $21.42 $10.71

myki Pass

2018 myki 7-day Pass 28 - 69 day myki Pass (price per day) 70 - 325 day myki Pass (price per day)
Full Fare Concession Full Fare Concession Full Fare Concession
Geelong $88.00 $44.00 $10.52 $5.26 $10.36 $5.18
Ballarat $119.00 $59.50 $13.98 $6.99 $12.10 $6.05
Bendigo $163.20 $81.60 $19.26 $9.63 $14.04 $7.02
Seymour $102.00 $51.00 $12.04 $6.02 $11.18 $5.59
Traralgon $155.60 $77.80 $18.30 $9.15 $13.74 $6.87

Effective 11 to 18 November 2017

Due to the Skyrail elevated rail installation at Carnegie Station, Koornang Road will be closed off to facilitate the required work during the specified dates below. Bus Route 623 and 626 will be affected in both directions. With the diversion, there will be stops that will not be serviced.

For more information, please refer below to the list of bus stop IDs that will not be serviced and the routes based on the diversion plans. We may experience some delays due to the diversion. Thank you for your patience


  • From 6pm, 11 November (Saturday) to 5am, 12 November 2017 (Sunday)
  • From 7am, 13 November (Monday) to 7am, 18 November 2017 (Saturday)

Missed Bus Stop ID’s (Stops that will not be serviced)

Bus Route 623 to St Kilda - 12346, 12347, 12348, 12349, 12350

Bus Route 623 to Glen Waverley - 11524, 11525, 11526, 11789, 11790, 11791

Bus Route 626 Middle Brighton - 12346, 12347, 12348, 12349, 12350, 16431, 16432

Bus Route 626 Chadstone - 12934, 12935, 11524, 11525, 11526, 11789, 11790, 11791

Routes based on Diversion plans

Route 623 diversion
623 Diversion


Route 626 diversion
626 Diversion