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CDC Victoria's monthly bus service provides Brimbank widows with a safe, comfortable ride to visit relatives at Keilor Cemetery.

Eleven times a year, a free bus service run by CDC Victoria picks elderly passengers up at St Albans Market and transports them to and from Keilor Cemetery. The monthly bus service happens on the first Tuesday of every month (except in November) and is testament to CDC Victoria's commitment to serving the community.

Many of these widows have been utilising the CDC bus service that is run out of Sunshine Depot for years and look forward to their once monthly gathering where they can get together and catch up. The widows also appreciate the bus service greatly because many of them would not be able to get to the cemetery otherwise.

82-year old, Tina Scettar who comes from Deer Park to use the service, is so grateful for the bus because this is the only way she can get to the cemetery herself.

"We have kids but they are often busy with work so this is the only chance I get to visit," said Tina.

80-year old, Julie Konikkos has been religiously using the free bus service for over ten years.

"I'm so glad we have this service because I get to visit my husband at least once a month. I also come to see some other relatives in this cemetery so I really love having this service," said Julie.

The free bus service allows the elderly widows to travel in comfort, rain or shine, and provides them with the easiest way to get to the cemetery.

Even though there is actually a public bus that goes to the cemetery, it stops across the highway, which is quite a distance away. The only access to the cemetery from the highway bus stop is via a precarious overhead bridge that is not sheltered from the strong winds and rain, making the journey very difficult for these elderly folk, most of whom use walking aids and sticks.

CDC Victoria will continue to run the free bus service from St Alban's Market to Keilor Cemetery at 9.45am on the first Tuesday of every month (excluding November) in 2018. We look forward to welcoming more elderly passengers on board to utilise the service in the coming year.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from our free bus service from St Alban's Market to Keilor Cemetery or need more information about this, contact CDC Sunshine Depot at 9390 0111.